My story “End of Summer: Crayfish Party” is meant to be explored on many levels. It is a recount of  the traditional Swedish “Kräftskiva,” but with a twist. The story explores the darker side of relationship dynamics and perhaps gives a subtle glimpse into Stockholm culture.

“The traditional red cabin on the end of the Saltsjöbaden line with a Baltic view was of course the perfect weekend getaway for his Stockholm clique…Valborg, Midsommar, Kräftskiva and other random Fridays in between were spent in drunken revelation at that cabin.”



“‘Refreshing’ is what Lisa called him. Different with a positive spin. He was still undecided if different was a good or bad thing. Supposedly all humans had their own unique characters, but in reality all people tried to be the same…He doubted his breaks with fashion were ever refreshing.

As you read about Gustav, ask yourself: What is your backstage pass to the world of normalcy?


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