Elizabeth Press

Elizabeth leads a double life: Full-time professional and full-time itinerant writer and traveler. Her writing focuses mostly on urban scene, culture and society in Berlin and Stockholm, two cities she has called home.

Here is Oranienburgerstraße. Now it is the center of touristisch Berlin. In Staying Power, the neighborhood is described: “a former East Berlin district where the sidewalks smelled of fresh brew, and students clinked wine glasses and guzzled beer in the courtyards”

Here is Steinstraße:

“Steinstraße was one of those unassuming streets behind bohemian cafes and Italian delis. It was the sort of place where chrome tables reside next to backyard cafes with plastic chairs covered with stickers calling for unheard of revolutions.”

Here is one of the few Hinterhofs that retained the old charm.

“The late night summer sun lit up the hinterhof filled with people standing in groups and sitting on soon to be disposed of couches and chairs.”

Mitte’s hofs and hinterhofs have gotten upscale.







Here is Alexanderplatz, the center of the former East. This was also featured in Staying Power.

And finally the famous Neue  Synagoge in Berlin. Main character Andreas has something to say about how it is featured in contemporary Berlin life.

… the story ends and begins on January 27th… one can only guess (or Google) what the significance of that date is for German history.


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