Hello Everybody, Welcome to the website of the Frankfurt Writers’ Group. Have you heard about our new collection of short stories available on Amazon as a hard copy and Kindle?

Spanning cultures, generations and walks of life, we, The Frankfurt Writers’ Group, write fiction and non-fiction. The book is a collection of all our different writing styles, thoughts and experience regarding change. We talk about change in Germany from some of the darkest chapters of eastern expansion to Frankfurt in the 1970’s and Berlin after the fall of the Wall. Our introspection into change includes dark tales of heart break and violence, but also romance and irony. We explore spiritual transformations, deceit and emotional epiphanies. Change, or rather changes, in whatever form, come with life—and living.

Here are some of ours.Click here to buy! Amazon link

Interested in contacting us? Contact the admin on our Facebook Group .


One thought on “About

  1. I’m so glad I found your page- Frankfurt was my inspiration, the place I started to write my poetry in abundance! It also inspired the beginnings of other projects as well. I’ll definitely keep in touch as I’m heading over to Frankfurt in the summer! I looked at the book you published and I like the idea of loose change- It’s a concept I played around with myself in my writing so it was refreshing to see it. An example of this is in my poem, Intimate Snow.


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